• Bree Moore

All the Placenta Things

  • Bury it and plant something on top

  • Make smoothies - pro tip: add a red fruit. You'll never know what you're drinking. ;)

  • Cook it - recipes like chili, tacos, etc. can be fed to just the birthing mom or the family, depending on beliefs and/or medicinal need

  • Do a placenta print with food safe dyes (if wanting to consume after), paint, or blood from the placenta

  • Dehydrate the cord in a shape

  • Encapsulate (pills)

  • Tincture (taken for same benefits as the pills)

  • Chocolate truffles - use essential oils or food flavorings for a delightful mix of flavors!

  • Make jewelry - necklaces, rings, even earrings or a keychain... include breastmilk or a lock of hair for a treasured keepsake.

  • Lotus birth - leave the cord and placenta attached to your baby, wrap the placenta in a cloth with herbs and salt to discourage odor and encourage drying until it detaches on its own, usually within a few days.

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