• Bree Moore

Affirmations for Unassisted Birth

You'll find hundreds of pregnancy and birth affirmations all over the internet, but I thought I'd contribute the ones I've personally gathered for the upcoming birth of my 6th baby, my 4th freebirth.

Scroll to the end for a free printable watercolor PDF of my absolute favorites.

I can handle this.

For God hath not given me the spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.

I am comfortable.

I am relaxed.

I am in God's hand.

"It's in the let go."

I choose this.

I choose my baby.

My body knows exactly what to do.

Breathe Baby Down

Breathe in Peace, Exhale Joy

My Baby & I are the Perfect Team

My Body Surrenders to each Wave

My Mind Quiets, My Body Opens

I Birth with Ease

My Waves are POWERFUL

I let go and BE.

My birth is gentle.

I am not alone.

God is HERE.

Release and breathe.

I say YES to bringing this baby.


My body was made to do this.


What affirmations have you used in your births? Inspire us by commenting below!


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